Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dividing with Remainder & Using Multiplication Facts to Solve for Division

Dividing with Remainders
Students used tiles to help them divide. I wrote a division fact on the board and students drew groups and used the tiles to divide. We talked about how division is about splitting an amount into smaller equal groups. We also talked about how sometimes there are left overs that we cannot divide evenly into the groups; these are called remainders.

Then students learned how to use multiplication facts to solve for division problems.
Students used skip counting to find multiplication facts.

EX: 28 / 5 = ?
First, students determined if 28 would divide evenly into 5 groups. One way we can tell if a dividend divides evenly by the divisor is if the dividend is a multiple of the divisor. I can tell 28 is not going to be divided evenly by 5 because 28 is not a multiple of 5. Students skip counted by 5s in order to find a multiple/product that was close to 28, but does not go over.
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 --- I stop at 25 because if you continue 30 is greater than 25.
We know that 5 x 5 = 25 so 28 / 5 = 5 with a remainder.
We know the difference between 25 and 28 is 3, so my remainder is 3.


  1. What are you having the kids use to write on the desks?

  2. What are you having the kids use to write on the desks?

    1. My students use dry erase markers and use socks for erasers. I buy a few packages of 6 pairs of socks at my local dollar store for $1.15. This makes for 12 erasers. Or you could ask students to bring in their own socks. At the end of the period or day, I will have a helper at each table wipe down the desks with a cleaning wipe. :)

  3. My students just use regular dry erase markers to do desk work. It just wipes off. If it doesn't come off with a tissue, we just use board cleaner or Clorox wipes.