Friday, August 8, 2014

School's Almost Back!!!

It's almost that time again! Back to school... Roughly 12 more days until I get to meet my 4th graders. I'm very happy to be teaching 4th grade math again this year. I'm busy making decorations and supplies for my classroom. Can't wait to start setting up my classroom. I will post the pictures of the progression of my classroom setup sometime next week!

On to other matters. This year, in an attempt to keep my desk organized and clutter free, I've been looking for desk trays/organizers. I found a pretty nice one...  the Seville Mesh Desk Organizer. At Costco this organizer is $16.99, but I'll do you one better! I found this organizer on Amazon for $9.99,  free shipping! This was such a steal, I had to buy 2!

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