Friday, September 13, 2013

Estimating Sums and Differences of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Thursday and Friday, September 12 & 13, 2013
Students learned how to estimate sums and differences of whole numbers and decimals. Here is a quick and helpful video that concludes what we learned in class.

Remember Monday HW is due Wednesday. Wednesday's HW is due Friday. Friday's HW is due on Monday. Here is a copy of Friday's Homework (note that HW is not posted on the database because there is an error with my webshare folder). There are 2 pages: Reteaching 2-3 and Reteaching 2-4 (click to download).

Remember to round each whole number then add or subtract. Round decimals to the nearest ones place then add or subtract. If students wish to show work on a scratch sheet of paper they may do so and attach it to the homework.

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