Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rounding and Estimating Whole Numbers and Decimals

Monday, September 9, 2013
Today students learned how to use rounding to estimate numbers. We learned how to use the Rounding Hill (click to download) to help us round numbers.

Steps for Rounding Hill:
1. Put the number you are rounding to in the box in the middle. Let's say we are rounding 684 to the nearest ten. That would go in the box in the middle.
2. Then we put the two nearest ten in the boxes to the right and left. In this case we would put 680 and 690 (see picture).
3. Underline the place value you are rounding. Look to your neighbor to the right and circle it.
4. If the neighbor to the right is 1-4, you fall back to 680. If the neighbor to the right is 5-9 then you go forward to 690.


We also went over our vocabulary (click to download) for Rounding and Estimating.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Today we continued talking about rounding. We created a class anchor chart for rounding numbers that students will receive and glue into their journals tomorrow.

We discussed rounding decimals. We said that rounding decimals is just like rounding whole numbers... you still follow the same steps!

Reminders: Monday's homework (click to download) is due tomorrow! Also it's picture day tomorrow!!! This time picture day dress code is school uniforms. In the spring students will have free dress pictures taken.

Also, if you can please work with your child on rounding at home that would be great! Give them a few practice numbers to round.

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