Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to Ms. Cao's 4th Grade Math!!!

Welcome! Now that the first official week and a half of school have passed, I finally have some time to create this blog. This year I believe that all of my students can reach their full potential. I hope that with our wonderful parents' help, students will have a successful year in fourth grade math. My purpose of creating this blog is to share with parents the material/content that students are receiving and learning in class. I hope this additional material will help you and your child this school year. I will try to update this blog as often as I can. Here's to a wonderful, fun-filled year!

-Ms. Cao

Friday 8/23/13: Interactive Math Journals
We decorated our Interactive Math Journals :) and created the Table of Content

Monday 8/26/13: Place Value to the Hundred Millions
We set up our interactive math journals and glued in our place value charts. We wrote vocabulary words on the inside flap. We also played Display the Digits. Click link to download.
For this activity you will need Number Tiles, click to download.

Tuesday 8/27/13: Place Value Graphic Organizer (aka Foldable)
We created a graphic organizer to help students differentiate Standard, Expanded and Word Form. Inside each flap is a short definition and an example.

Wednesday 8/28/13: Comparing Numbers
We took notes and practiced comparing numbers.

Thursday 8/29/13: Ordering Whole Numbers
We learned how to order numbers. We also practiced ordering whole numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest. We also did a group activity where students had to order and compare numbers - Think Together. Click link to download.
For this activity you will need Number Tiles, click to download.

Friday 8/30/13: Place Value Quiz
Students' place value quizzes have been graded and updated on the database.


  1. I love this idea of having a blog. It helps the parent understand exactly what was done in class.

  2. I agree. I can take a quick look and know. Real good idea of having a blog.